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From the beginning, the culinary experience has been part of the Mandarin Oriental experience. Elegant dining, casual bistros… Our innovative culinary destinations will offer you some of the world’s best flavors.

Our exclusive restaurant, offering a complete sensory experience to its diners, is where Thierry Marx combines the technical and emotional aspects of cooking with taste, sight and sound. With each dish he aims for a profound personal reaction.

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Algunos alojamientos de esta zona están ofreciendo alojamiento gratis o con grandes descuentos para ayudar a las personas que llegan desde Ucrania a encontrar un lugar seguro donde quedarse (se debe presentar un documento de identidad al llegar).

El desayuno era muy bueno y delicioso. Somos de Hungría. Cuando llegamos al hotel, la recepcionista húngara ya sabía que veníamos, y nos dio la bienvenida y nos atendió durante toda la estancia en el hotel.

Comparando el precio que pagamos con lo que obtuvimos, el Urban Sabadell fue un muy buen partido. Este mini hotel es moderno, limpio, tiene estilo, está situado a poca distancia de la línea S2 hacia Barcelona. Y por último, el personal es muy servicial. ¿Volveríamos a venir? En cualquier momento 🙂

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Write your comment here @ilustrada-maruja #82Close@ sanke # 11 that law continues to relive a terrible past. And it is sectarian. You won’t believe me but hecsido victim of franco who was a ruthless murderer Something you would do…..

Write your comment here @JuanIV #16CloseAmong other clichés, he was not self-proclaimed, but it was the military junta who proclaimed him generalissimo of the armies and head of the national state (there were two states during the war, as is natural). it is not a cliché. Of course he was self-proclaimed. Because they falsified in the BOE what the junta decided.

@sanke #11Close @ almutamid # 8 but at least in Germany if you put a Nazi flag in your bar they close it and fine you quickly because there are countries that do respect the law of historical memory that law continues to revive a terrible past. And it is sectarian. You won’t believe me but I was a victim of Franco who was a ruthless murderer.

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Well, you don’t know what stripe I’m from so you better not put labels on me to begin with. If you think that before there were more freedoms than now is that you live in another world, really. To finish don’t tell me anything about manipulating words when you want to make a pretentious game with this word and it is not a reflection of any reality, do you really think that in Franco’s times there were more freedoms than now? Look at the word nostalgia in the RAE, maybe it will be more appropriate.

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Coinciding with the celebration of its fifth anniversary, ( has awarded its 100 best restaurants in the cities of Madrid and Barcelona by giving them special recognition and distinction. The winners of the Restalo Awards have been chosen taking into account criteria such as user reviews, popularity, quality and professionalism of the establishments.

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The Restalo Awards are divided into ten categories according to the type of cuisine or the ambience and characteristics of the restaurant: ‘Most Romantic’, ‘Best Japanese’, ‘Best Rated’, ‘Most Booked’, ‘Best Tapas’, ‘Best Restaurants for Groups’, ‘Best Steakhouses’, ‘Best Rice Restaurants’, ‘Best World Cuisines’, and ‘Best Vegetarians’.

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