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But before our spirits get hot and we feel like running for our precious, let’s take a look at a little bit of history: tacos al pastor draw on the heritage of Europe and Asia, but above all, from Turkish and Lebanese influences, which introduced us to vertical rotisseries, where the marinated meat is placed in such a way that its cooking is gradual (traditionally charcoal grilled). The spinning top shape facilitates cooking; as it rotates, it cooks properly preserving its juices.

You may also be interested in places to eat at dawn and the best suadero tacos in the CDMX.Photo: Bernardo Robredo1.  El Rey del SuaderoWhen someone asks for good tacos in Polanco, 90% of connoisseurs recommend El Rey del Suadero. It’s a taqueria just peeking over Horacio, a few blocks from Mariano Escobedo.

Taco: the meat has a lighter color than other pastores, but that does not detract from its flavor. In each tortilla is a fair portion of browned meat with onion and cilantro.  Extra: the red sauce is the right one for the pastor, it is a mixture of dried chilies, garlic, spices and vinegar. And the volcanoes, which no one can resist.

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Tequila is the star drink of Mexico. Its name comes from the city that gave it its origin: Tequila, located in the state of Jalisco. There are a large number of factories that produce it. Here are some important facts to keep in mind about the ancestral drink.

In one of the Mexican legends it is said that the gods of drunkenness sent a thunderstorm over an agave plantation. The force and intensity of the lightning started a fire. This heated the agave balls from which emerged a sweet tasting honey with a pleasant aroma.

The event caught the attention of the natives, who decided to ferment this honey and discovered that it had relaxing powers and caused a feeling of euphoria. For this reason it was deduced that tequila was a gift from the gods, and in several paintings of the history of tequila, the god Bacchus can be seen represented.

In Nahuatl, the word means a place of work. Since tequitl is work or trade, and tlan is place. Other versions say that the word tequila refers to the obsidian stone, typical of the region, which was used as a tool and was called tecatlis. Whoever used it was called tecuilo, and by custom the city began to be called tecuila and finally tequila.

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It seems important to you to talk about low cost food, popular or market food can be the best in Mexican gastronomy. A lot of times it’s homemade food, they just take it to the street. It’s wonderful to have all that here. Only in Thailand is there more street food than in Mexico.

What merits do you see in a gastronomic gathering like Mesamérica? It’s a good thing for the community, although you always see the same people. For me, it’s not really that important. Many are star chefs who only come to promote themselves, have a thousand businesses and are no longer in the kitchen.

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La cocina que se sirve en Memories of India está inspirada en los platos más queridos de todo el país. Los ricos sabores se han imitado y han cobrado vida en este restaurante, incluyendo el curry, el biryani, el tandoori y el basmati. Los clientes de Memories of India pueden elegir entre el amplio menú o escoger uno de los platos del día recomendados por el chef.

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En el menú, los huéspedes encontrarán cocina italiana tradicional elaborada con ingredientes frescos. Hay pizzas al horno con diversos ingredientes, como la napoletana (queso, tomate, alcaparras y anchoas), la hawaiana, la pescatore (marisco, queso y tomate) y la siciliana (tomate, queso, verduras y guindillas). Otros platos populares que se sirven en Saturnino son la lasaña boloñesa, los fettuccine primavera, el tacchino gorgonzola (pavo con salsa de gorgonzola) y los calamares fritos. Se ofrece a los clientes una amplia selección de vinos, así como algunas cervezas internacionales.

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