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In the coming weeks will be available the computer application required for the use of these new criteria and during a period of 12 months from its launch applicants will be able to choose between being evaluated following the previous Principles 2008 or with the new Principles 2.0, using in each case a different computer application:

The applicant will have to select up to a maximum of 10 (headline 5), of which he/she will have to provide indications of quality. -Indications of quality: acceptance by peer-review mechanisms and acceptance and rejection rates, scope (national or international), reference in the discipline, prestige of the publisher, type of intervention (invited paper/conference, oral presentation of the communication).

The applicant should select up to a maximum of 10 (Titles 5), of which he/she should present indications of quality. -Indications of the quality of the projects: competitive nature, convening entity and, when relevant, success rates, funding.

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– This research is part of a broader study entitled A study of transversal competencies at the University of Murcia funded by the MECD within the National Program for Training of Human Resources for Research (FPU) under the National Plan for Scientific Research, Development and Technological Innovation 2008-2011. No. AP-04112.

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The ability to adapt is not a situation for which one is born prepared, it requires a good predisposition to lifelong learning and its consequent dedication to shaping a series of skills, abilities, attitudes and values that provide flexibility to our way of understanding reality and effectiveness in dealing with it. Having a wide range of transversal competencies provides these qualities, which justifies the investment of time and effort from university institutions for their curricular inclusion since the implementation of the European Higher Education Area (EHEA). The training has to bring together the key aspects for the current reality that for Villa and Poblete (2011)VILLA, Aurelio; POBLETE, Manuel. Evaluation of generic competencies: principles, opportunities and limitations. Bordón, Madrid, v. 63, n. 1, p. 147-170, 2011. are: flexibility, mobility and transferability.

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The modules with face-to-face activities will be taught intensively in the afternoon, from 17:30 to 20:30. Classes will be held at the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters of the University of Alcalá, C/ Trinidad, 3 (Alcalá de Henares).

Registration can be done telematically from the link Preinscripción de Másteres Oficiales of the web page of the University of Alcalá. More information can be obtained at the Graduate School of the University of Alcalá, C/ Libreros, 21, Alcalá de Henares, Madrid, Tel.: +34 91 885 68 77 and +34 91 885 69 76.

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The fall of the fortress of Hormuz in 1622 to a Persian attack with crucial naval support from the East India Company has had two traditional readings: the first emphasizes the transformation of the local context in the Persian Gulf, with the growing power of the monarchy of the Shah Abbas; the second considers the decline of the Portuguese imperial system in Asia, through the gradual loss of military and commercial competitiveness. A third analysis, no less necessary but seldom undertaken, should consider the imperial perspective of the metropolis.

2Without taking the rupture of 1640 for granted, in this article I propose as a starting point the hypothesis that, although there were important dysfunctionalities in the union of the two colonial empires (as there obviously were in the union of kingdoms in the Iberian Peninsula), these cannot be considered sufficient causes of the Portuguese failure in Asia, since there were also potentialities of positive synergy. The dilemmas of the Hispanic union and its lack of coherent articulation in the imperial sphere can be considered one of the major conditioning factors of the lack of agility of the Portuguese response in Ormuz, but they also raise the question of assessing the weight of metropolitan priorities. By analyzing the intersection of these three dimensions – the weight of local contexts, possible structural decadence and the metropolitan priorities of a global empire – this contribution aims to offer a new assessment of the Hispanic union as an imperial system, before and after 1622. Were they destined to fail?

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