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Su comida clásica americana, es servida por un personal capaz, cuidado y atento, que sigue siendo “la orden del día” en H.R.C. Continúa con un firme compromiso hacia una amplia gama de causas altruistas, bajo el lema ‘Save the Planet’, ha ayudado a hacer de Hard Rock Café

La comida clásica americana, servida por un personal de sala capaz, atento y cuidadoso, sigue estando a la “orden del día” en el HRC. Y un compromiso inquebrantable con amplias causas altruistas -bajo el lema “Save The Planet”- ha contribuido a hacer del Hard Rock una fuerza cultural legítima,

La historia de este agradable restaurante se remonta a 1864 y en la actualidad es un lugar de encuentro por las mañanas, es popular gracias a su selección de desayunos, es muy delicioso tiene comida local e internacional, así como inglesa y americana, con la mejor

Los Texmaniacs – “Mexico Americano” [Official Music Video].

American Recipes : How to Prepare Succulent and Healthy American Recipes for the Whole Family Quickly and Easily. The Ultimate Cookbook For Preparing Delicious Dishes For Frying, Roasting, Baking & Grilling (Spanish Version)

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You’ll find that this delicious cookbook is packed with authentic recipes that appeal to those who enjoy the American style of food preparation, from grits to pie. Using a range of spices, sauces and various preparation methods, such as grilled, broiled, baked or pan-fried, you’ll find American culture in each tantalizing meal or dessert.

You’ll get serving sizes, total cooking time and a fully explained method for preparing your chosen American dish. You’ll also find 30 different tips to help you become a cooking pro with all these delicious dishes and delicacies.

I hope you are ready to get started with this variety of tantalizing traditional American meals and desserts. Enjoy each one with your friends and family – be the new “talk of the neighborhood” at your next get-together!

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The history of our restaurants Dakota Steak Burger was born in 1993, in Pollensa, and is linked to a Mallorcan family, which in its beginnings set out to create a genuine American themed restaurant, with a local flavor but always faithful to the best local products of Mallorca.

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Dakota is a chain of restaurants inspired by the American theme located in the most emblematic places in the north of Mallorca and defined by its attractive decoration and delicious dishes.  The fusion of the two creates the perfect ambiance where you can feel like you are in the tranquil Mediterranean and beautiful America at the same time.

Our food ranges from nachos and burritos, to our tremendous gourmet hamburgers, to our costillejas, meats and fish. You should also try our Caprichos, you will be left wanting more!

We also have different varieties of salads or fajitas for you to choose from with the maximum flavor. Oh, and let’s not forget the delicious snacks! such as our tasty sandwiches.

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Italian-American cuisine is the cuisine of Italian immigrants and their descendants, who adapted the cuisine of Italy to the American cultural influence. As immigrants from different regions of Italy settled in different regions of the United States, they brought with them various culinary traditions that were associated with their origins and received characteristics of their new homes. Many of these traditions became favorite dishes of the locals and later of all Americans, such as the muffuletta of New Orleans or the toasted ravioli of St. Louis (Missouri). One measure of the widespread popularity of Italian-American cuisine is that in Minnesota’s Twin Cities Metropolitan Area, demographically dominated by Scandinavians and German-Americans, the City Pages newspaper identifies Italian-American food as the region’s most popular culinary style, with examples ranging from the ubiquitous spaghetti dinners to trendy restaurants.

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